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Global Automotive Conference in Seoul

  • Commemorates Hyundai Motor’s 40th Anniversary
  • Presentations by J.D. Power and Associates, Automotive News
  • Europe, Vice-President of Hyundai Motor Co., among others
  • First conference of its size to discuss Hyundai Motor’s achievements in quality management and its tasks

“Hyundai has made its mark as a builder of high quality, value-filled autos that can compete with any in the world.” Excerpt from James D. Power’s presentation (Founder of J.D. Power and Associates)

“The Hyundai way is the quality way.” Excerpt from Jong Woon Shin, Vice-President at Hyundai Motor Co.

(Seoul, Korea) Hyundai Motor Co. today took part in the Global Automotive Conference, which commemorated the automobile company’s 40th anniversary and focused on how to improve quality management. The conference also studied ways to develop sustainability the domestic auto industry.

The title of the conference was “Achievement of Global Quality Management and Subject for Sustainable Development.” The conference, which was held at the Grand Inter-Continental Hotel in Seoul, was jointly hosted by the Korean Academy of Motor Industry and the Korea Automotive Research Institute. Over 200 automobile experts, government officials, professors and media members attended the event.

The main speakers included James D. Power, founder of J.D. Power and Associates; David Sargent, vice president at J.D. Power and Associates; Jason Stein, publisher of Automotive News Europe; Xiaoyu Zhang, president at the Society of Automotive Engineers of China; Jong Woon Shin, vice president at Hyundai Motor Co.; John Paul MacDuffie, professor at the University of Pennsylvania; Kentaro Nobeoka, professor at Kobe University; and Bernard Jullien, director at Gerpisa.

“Hyundai Motor achieved unprecedented growth as a result of powerful, customer-first quality management over the past 10 years,” Jong Woon Shin, vice-president at Hyundai Motor Co. said at the conference. “The ‘3S’ approach of System, Speed and Spirit is the basis for our quality management and the DNA for Hyundai Motor’s quality.”

Through the 3S’s, Hyundai Motor was able to respond more efficiently to customer demands by focusing on prevention, as well as operate a real-time system that promptly handles customer requirements, cutting back lead time 61 percent from 72 days in 2000 to only 28 days in 2007. The company also achieved quality innovation by making quality awareness a part of every-day corporate culture.

Hyundai Motor’s “quality became not just a slogan, it became a way of life. That decision powered what I have to believe is one of the most remarkable turnarounds in business history,” James D. Power said.