Hyundai Design Week Malan Kinetic Artwork


Hyundai Motor to energize Milan Design Week with kinetic artwork

  • Hyundai Motor to unveil second part of ‘Sculpture in Motion’ project on 13 April.
  • A new kinetic installation forms a living wave, celebrating fluid motion as art.


Hyundai Motor Company is to participate in the 2015 Milan Design Week, opening on Monday 13 April, with a new artwork that celebrates the relationship between movement in the natural and automotive worlds.

On the opening day of the show Hyundai Motor will unveil its all-new kinetic art installation, which is part of its ‘Sculpture in Motion’ project. Sculpture in Motion is Hyundai Motor’s ongoing collaborative project with artists that help consumers experience and connect with its ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ design philosophy.

The ‘Sculpture in Motion’ project name encapsulates motion within a space and between spaces – hinting at how Hyundai Motor is sharing art by bringing displays to different cities around the world.

This year, bringing movement to life, the latest installation – entitled ‘Helio Curve’ – takes on the form and motion of a continuously moving wave, with wooden blocks connecting to mimic a living organism, demonstrating the way a ‘moment of motion’ can take a more tangible, sculptural form.


Collaborating with the Hyundai Design Centre, California-based artist Reuben Margolin has created an engaging and immersive large-scale kinetic installation that combines the logical world of mathematics with the complex movements, structures and sensuousness of nature.

To maximize the impact of Helio Curve, Hyundai’s Sound Design Research Lab has developed the ‘Sculpture in Motion 2.0 Soundtrack’ that takes inspiration from the new artwork’s movement and pays homage to nature’s vibrant yet tranquil energy. The soundtrack will make its premier during a special DJ Show on 13 April when the new artwork is revealed.

Full details of Helio Curve will be released on 13 April.