Hyundai at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show

  • Japanese market premiere of i-30 hatchback
  • QarmaQ Advanced Technology Demonstration Vehicle
  • Universe Inter-City Luxury Express Coach

(Johannesburg, South Africa) Hyundai Motor Co. is unveiling a trio of new models at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, led by the i30 hatchback which will reinvigorate Hyundai’s sales in Japan.

i30, the Hatchback with European Sensibilities

Following the introduction earlier this year of the i-30 5-door hatchback at the Geneva Auto Show, Hyundai is proud bring the i-30 to Japan. Designed at the company’s Russelsheim Design Center in Germany, the i30 is a true European thoroughbred aimed at the very competitive C-segment. Customer expectations in this segment are always rising and with the all-new i30 Hyundai sets out to meet and exceed those expectations.

Designed for those who want stylish practicality with a distinctive dash of sporting flair, the i30 will capture the imagination of discerning Japanese customers who want something different, but with proven integrity and quality. Initially available as a 5-door hatchback, the i30 opens a new chapter for Hyundai in Japan. The i30 estate will join the line-up at a later stage.

QarmaQ Advanced Technology Demonstration Vehicle

QarmaQ, a sporty crossover coupe is Hyundai’s Advanced Technology Demonstration Vehicle (ATDV) that showcases environmentally progressive technologies led by the innovative “Elastic Frontâ„¢”, an innovative solution that can help reduce the risk of severe injuries in Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUV) pedestrian collisions.

Designed at Hyundai Motor Europe’s Design and Technical Center in Russelsheim and engineered in close cooperation with GE Plastics, QarmaQ develops and validates over 30 key technologies, which will be selectively incorporated into Hyundai’s new models to be rolled out from 2008-2014.

“At Hyundai, we believe in innovation for humanity, and QarmaQ demonstrates our commitment to safety innovation and our determination to bring more environmentally responsible technologies to the market,” said Dr. Kwon Moon-Shik, Hyundai Motor’s vice president of advanced technology. “We chose to partner with GE Plastics because of their commitment to the environment and their wide range of innovative materials and technical capabilities. Technologies from QarmaQ will provide Hyundai owners with a safer, more environmentally responsible car and a better driving experience.”

The QarmaQ is lighter, stronger and more economical than any current production CUV in its class. It also offers significant recycling advantages both in construction and eventual disassembly. In short, it is a viable and realistic glimpse of the future potential of personal automotive transport.

Universe, All-New Inter-City Luxury Express Coach

Also at this year’s Tokyo Show, Hyundai’s Commercial Vehicle Division will be displaying the company’s all-new Universe inter-city express coach which it plans to launch into the Japanese market in the very near future.