Hyndai i10 Test Drive


The Improved Hyundai i10


The top of the range version of the Hyundai i10 is an experience in luxury normally expected from much larger cars only.

Those who opt for the optional winter pack drivers will enjoy the heated steering wheel and wand cruise control while everyone who gets a ride will appreciate the climate control and heated seats. To find out more enjoy, a test drive at a car showroom, such as those owned by White & Sons in Kent and South London,

visit their website

for details.

Practical and Posh

Practicality is built-in, along with other features that benefit your driving experience. All four doors now have holders to fit large water bottles, your phone will have its own space in the center console and the glove box is now larger than before. Four adults fit comfortably inside this compact car – no squishing together needed. Whether you are hauling groceries or the kids and their football gear, you’ll love the bigger boot that can hold one full liter more than the VW Up.

Enjoy the Sound of Silence

If you’ve driven the old i10 you know how much fun it was to drive, although at times it could be a little noisy. The new model has lost the buzz that was the accepted background noise of the old i10, making the new car extremely quiet. If you have a chance to take it out for a test drive you will be able to hear for yourself how added seals in the doors and bulkhead have dampened the flow of engine noise to the cabin.

Smooth Ride

You won’t believe you’re in a city-smart small car when you feel the comfort of the drive. Broken pavement will no longer be the jostling experience it once was, but you can still enjoy the responsiveness of a compact runaround.

Parking is a Snap

You’ll find the steering in the new Hyundai i10 to be unusually responsive and the turning continues to be tight – just like you’d expect from a car that is small enough for city driving.

Stop, In the Name of Safety

Let’s face it, the cup holders and extra boot space are nice but when it comes down to it you want to know your car will react in emergencies. Most importantly, you need it to stop when you want it to, without fail. Despite the small size of the car, Hyundai’s commitment to keeping you safe prompted them to put disc brakes in the front as well as the back for a powerful, anti-slip stop you can be confident in.

Hyundai i10 – Your Sanctuary on Wheels

The interior of the car has been made to feel as if you’re in a much more expensive car. A luxurious feel permeates the experience. It’s in everything you touch, from the gearshift to the steering wheel. Even the hard plastic bits are so well colour coordinated they look expensive and compliment the exterior paint. There are four interior colours to choose from, all of which match the exterior paintwork.

If you are considering buying a new car this year, then perhaps this is the time. Arrange a test drive today and see for yourself the benefits of the new Hyundai i10.