HUMMER launches driving academy


HUMMER models are arguably amongst the most recognisable vehicles in the world. That’s probably because there aren’t many places that are off-limits to a HUMMER. Now HUMMER will launch a driving academy to enable owners and enthusiasts to get the best out of these all-terrain conquering vehicles. Morocco, with its diverse landscape was chosen as an ideal venue for the launch scheduled for 7-12 November.

The launch will consist of 14 standard HUMMER H3 automatic vehicles equipped with desert tyres, a GPS satellite navigation system and survival equipment. Participants will be taught how to navigate their way through various tough terrains including mountains, salt lake beds and the Sahara desert.

The awe-inspiring 1300km route begins at the port of Agadir in southern Morocco, runs across Quarzezate and into the Sahara Desert before reaching Chegaga. From there the route takes the participants to Taliouine and then back to Agadir covering some of the most unique and breathtaking scenery in North Africa.

Events such as these will be rolled out in Morocco in 2009. Locally GMSA offers advanced off-road driver training for HUMMER owners through the HUMMER Extreme Experience.

The one day course is dasigned to equip owners with the skills necessary to drive their vehicles off-road and also to make them environmentally aware when going off-road. All enquiries to the nearest HUMMER retail store conveniently located in Fourways, Bruma, Menlyn, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pinetown, Nelspruit and Klerksdorp.