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The HUMMER H3’s bold looks immediately identify it as a member of the HUMMER family with form following function. The wide track, short overhangs, and huge tyres provide distinctive visual cues, but also underpin the solid off-road performance of the vehicle.

hummer h3

The H3’s flat, chiselled surfaces are pure HUMMER, as are the upright windshield and windows. The signature seven-slot louvered grille, round headlights in their square surrounds and pronounced fender flares provide the impression of the vehicle being hewn from a solid metal billet.

This scaled down HUMMER is approximately 90% of the size of its larger H2 sibling. Its length compares to that of a mid-size sedan in American terms or a large sedan in South African terms.

This makes it easy to drive in an urban environment while the legendary HUMMER off-road capability provides exceptional crawling and climbing capabilities in off-road usage as a true Sport Utility Vehicle. The HUMMER H3 has a turning circle of just 11,3 metres making urban driving and parking a cinch while aiding manoeuvring in tight off-road conditions.

The HUMMER H3 was engineered by General Motors to assume a position of leadership among mid-size SUVs. At the heart of the vehicle’s suitability for both everyday urban transport and use in rugged terrain is an advanced, electronically controlled four-wheel-drive system, augmented by a full range of driver aids including traction control that will allow traction to be delivered to just one wheel if the other three are unable to gain purchase on a slippery surface or if they are off the ground. Comprehensive under body shielding ensures a high level of protection.

Among the H3’s off-road capabilities GM lists the ability to ford water at a depth of 400mm at a speed of 32 km/h and cross a 600mm deep section of water at 8km/h. The H3 is equally capable over sand and rocky surfaces and can climb a 400mm high vertical step.

Ground clearance is a substantial 231mm and the maximum break-over angle (the ability of the vehicle to drive over a sharp ridge without the underside snagging) is 25 degrees. These clearances allow the HUMMER H3 to clear large obstacles when driving off-road. A maximum approach angle of 40 degrees and a departure angle of 37 degrees allow the H3 to drive through deep, steep sided, obstacles without getting hung up at the front or rear.

The uncompromising off-road capability of the HUMMER H3 is matched to a high level of comfort and convenience for an enjoyable driving experience. The HUMMER H3’s interior is stylish and modern with a blend of premium cues and world class craftsmanship. A comprehensive list of options is available to further extend the driving experience.

Power comes from GM’s Vortec engine, an in-line, five-cylinder, 3,7 litre engine with dual overhead camshafts and variable valve timing designed specifically for this type of application. The Vortec engine offers an excellent balance between power and efficiency with maximum power of 180 kW @ 5600 r/min and torque of 328 Nm @ 4600 r/min. It achieves this together with fuel usage of just 11,8 litres per 100 km.

The H3 is the first HUMMER to offer a choice of either manual or automatic transmission – auto transmission has been the standard until now. The manual transmission is a smooth shifting five-speed unit while the automatic transmission is a four-speed electronically controlled unit.

The H3 design incorporates a number of structural elements to assist in protecting the occupants in the event of a crash and a full suite of advanced safety systems to assist in both crash avoidance and protection.

These include a reinforced passenger compartment safety cage for a high level of protection in front and side impacts, a frontal dual-stage air-bag system with passenger sensing to turn the airbag on or off as appropriate, tyre pressure monitoring system, ABS brakes, traction control and stability control system.

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