General Motor’s South Africa has introduced an all-new HUMMER H3 V8 with a more powerful 5.3L V8 engine that delivers an impressive 224kW @ 5200rpm and 434Nm @ 4000rpm.

Hummer 2012 H3

The front section of the frame and engine compartment of the H3 V8 was modified to fit the new engine, and a special oil pan was designed to ensure constant oil pressure when driving on steep grades.

An improved steering system enhances on-road feel and off-road reliability, while a cast-iron front differential case replaced the aluminium one to better handle torque output. New engine mounts, a thicker front prop shaft, higher torsion bar rates to support the increased mass, and specific shock valving are all unique to the V8.

The V8 not only gives you the space and comfort to enjoy the drive, but also the perfect viewing position to fully appreciate what is happening outside your windows. The V8 body retains the unique, instantly recognizable style of HUMMER, but with an even more commanding presence. Striking good looks and outstanding on- and off- road handling are thus guaranteed.

The big news in the new HUMMER is under the hood. The 5.3L V8, partnered with Hydra-Matic 4L60-E electronically four-speed automatic transmission, enables a maximum towing capacity of 2448kg. The V8 is the HUMMER H3 taken further and beyond – 44kW more power, 104Nm more torque and 861kg more towing capacity than the current model 3.7 L model. Improved and maximised, the H3 V8 is designed to get you “out there” and “up there” even faster and more efficiently.

This beast accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 8.2 seconds – an impressive feat when you consider it weighs around 2.3 tonnes!

The V8 will be available in Adventure and Luxury spec levels. In the Adventure that means low range gearing of 4.03:1 versus the 2.64:1 in the luxury, electronic selectable full locking front and rear diffs and aggressively tuned shock absorbers. The Luxury gets goodies like chrome wheels and GM have also added reverse cameras, which will come in handy in town, to all 2009 HUMMERS (3.7’s and 5.3 V8’s).

The H3 V8 Luxury edition is priced at R 531 887 compared to the R 541 886 of the H3 V8 Adventure model with the 2009 H3 3.7 L Luxury available from R495 250.