Confirming Its Place as the UK’s Most Comprehensive Database to Bring Dealers and their Customers Vital Protection Against Clocking


Used car information expert HPI is urging dealers to make mileage checks part of their day-to-day business practice as its National Mileage Register (NMR) reaches the 150 million readings milestone.  Confirming its importance as the UK’s most comprehensive mileage database, the NMR has been protecting dealer reputations and profitability since 1997 and continues to support the motor trade to deliver best practice in line with OFT guidelines.

Recognising the risk dealers face of unwittingly part exchanging clocked cars and selling them on to customers, HPI’s Managing Director, Daniel Burgess, urges dealers to tackle the issue head on.  He says, “Dealers should conduct a mileage check as a matter of course, but particularly on any car that has had more than one owner.   In addition to asking customers for the Log Book and Service History, customers should also be asked to sign a mileage disclaimer when they part exchange a car.  But these precautions must go hand-in-hand with an independent mileage investigation.”

HPI firmly believes that only by uncovering a discrepant mileage reading will dealers effectively safeguard against clocking.   “A full NMR Investigation not only checks against 150 million mileage records but also ensures previous keepers are contacted to verify mileages at the time they sold the vehicle.  A mileage warranty is also included as part of the investigation, so if the car turns out to be clocked, dealers will be covered.”

HPI’s online check enables dealers to speed up the whole process and gain the benefit of a printable certificate to keep on file and share with the customer.  Daniel Burgess concludes, “Our mileage certificates provide dealers with a powerful sales tool by offering customers proof that a vehicle is legitimate.  HPI’s NMR offers the ultimate protection against clockers. By operating best practice, dealers can sell with confidence and meet duty of care under the Consumer Protection Regulations.”

HPI’s ‘Due Diligence’ Action Plan:

  • Make mileage checks and investigations a day-to-day processes
  • Use an independent mileage service
  • Request to see Service History and Log Book
  • Use a third party investigations team to contact previous keepers
  • Promote your cars are clear, but tell customers if there is a discrepancy
  • Don’t rely on disclaimers and stickers