Launch of New Theft Deterrent

    Thieves are opportunists, looking for an easy target, which is why HPI is urging motorists to invest in the latest vehicle security technology to warn off thieves.  HPI Theft Guard is a new identification system designed to reduce theft and vehicle cloning by making it extremely difficult for car thieves to hide a vehicle’s true identity.  The HPI Theft Guard pack includes visible security measures which combine to form a strong deterrent to thieves, reducing the risk of a vehicle being stolen.

    The main features of HPI Theft Guard are microdots and a window etching kit, both of which contain the full 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the  vehicle that they are applied to.  Using a specially formulated compound, car owners etch the VIN into their vehicle’s windows and also apply the microdots to the vehicle, including its valuable contents, literally covering the vehicle with identification markers.  These security measures not only act as a deterrent to thieves but also make it difficult for a stolen vehicle to be disguised as another, a major contributor in the fight against cloning. Car cloning is the vehicle equivalent of identity theft, where a criminal steals a vehicle, then gives it the identity of a similar vehicle already legally on the road.

    A key element of HPI Theft Guard is promoting the additional security that has been applied to a vehicle.  The pack comes with stickers which help ensure potential thieves are made aware of the identification markers and therefore decide against targeting the vehicle.

    By combining delivery of HPI Theft Guard with the HPI Check process, potential  to abuse the system has been minimised adding further integrity to the product

    “Any thief wanting to steal and sell on a car or clone a vehicle is looking to do it with the minimum of hassle and as quickly as possible.” explains Nicola Johnson, Consumer Services Manager for HPI. “Vitally, HPI Theft Guard includes stickers which clearly tell thieves that the vehicle has been marked. This poses a big hurdle for thieves, who will probably already be planning to change the registration and VIN plates.  Attempting to remove every trace of the Microdots, the stickers and changing the windows to remove etched glass could just be a step too far for most criminals.”

    The Head of AVCIS, DCI Mark Hooper, endorses the launch, saying, “AVCIS welcomes and supports initiatives that help the police identify a suspect vehicle. Using the unique 17 digit VIN to mark windows is a proven deterrent, which also helps us in our fight against vehicle cloning. With the backing of HPI I am confident this will make life much more difficult for car thieves and help us to keep on driving down levels of car theft.”

    Support has also been given by Tim Milsom, Motor Trade Lead Officer, of the Institute of Trading Standards who said ‘Marking vehicle windows with the VIN, can be a great aide to preventing theft and identifying stolen or cloned vehicles. This initiative from HPI is likely to assist Trading Standards Officers across the country tackle vehicle crime.

    Johnson concludes, “The launch of HPI Theft Guard enables car owners to protect their investment with the latest vehicle security technology and shout about it with the aid of stickers so thieves get the message loud and clear.   HPI Theft Guard is the latest product from HPI to help car owners reduce the risk of theft, building on HPI’s heritage of working with the Police and other authorities to crack down on vehicle crime.  The pack costs just £24.99, and anyone wishing to purchase one for their car should call us on 0845 300 8905.”