And Recognises Nissan for its Advances in EV Technology

    Vehicle information expert, HPI, joined the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) and  industry leaders from the road transport arena this week, to recognize and reward best practice by manufacturers and fleet operators in developing products and services that reduce greenhouse gases.

    Sponsor of the Low Carbon Car/Van Manufacturer of the Year award, HPI has been working with LowCVP since its creation to encourage motor dealers to place a greater emphasis on promoting the CO2 merits of the vehicles they sell.    This is backed by HPI’s own CO2 certificate which is officially recognised by both the Department for Transport (DfT) and LowCVP.

    Free with every HPI Check, the CO2 Certificate* highlights the level of CO2 emissions a vehicle creates, using the industry standard CO2 emissions rating chart – in line with the revised car fuel economy label as recommended by the LowCVP.  The  initiative has been developed with the support from the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI), the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and the Government.

    Speaking at the awards ceremony, Alan Bishop, Industry Relations Director at HPI, said,  “In addition to recognising the benefits to the environment, more and more consumers are understanding the financial benefits of greener motoring, which is changing their buying behaviour on the forecourt.   The rising cost of running a vehicle means the popularity of lower emission petrol and diesel models of cars through to alternative hybrid vehicles, looks set to run and run and Nissan has met this challenge head on with its electric transport strategy.

    “Indeed, Nissan is a leader in the electrification of transport and impressed the judges with its innovative technology and the breadth of its activities and partnerships. The judges were also impressed with Nissan’s communications for the multi-award winning Leaf electric car. Nissan has shown commitment to working with partners to provide a strong charging, sales and service infrastructure to help consumers and companies to reduce their carbon footprints.   Manufacturers the Ford Motor Company and Renault UK should also be applauded for being runner up and highly commended respectively in the Manufacturer of the Year Award.

    “Greener motoring is here to stay and can’t be classed as a passing trend.  Huge investment across the globe is being made in the manufacture and production of wider choices for eco-motorists and at HPI and LowCVP we are recognizing the steps taken by those here in the UK that are making a significant difference.”