How will Google Say Happy New Year 2012


    What is Google Going to do for New Year?

    Happy New Year 2012Here at 3D Car Shows we have been tracking the things that Google have done to make Christmas special on the internet.

    We tracked the

    “let it snow”

     feature in Google. The Christmas Decorations and Lights, the Norad Santa Tracker and also the

    “Happy Holidays”

    Google Doodle, We have made videos, found additional information about these Google Christmas Cool Search Features and have written several articles about these cool things Google did this Christmas.

     Now that we have all seen these “Cool Christmas Google Features” we here at 3D Car Shows cannot help to think what will Google to this New Years. Will Google stick to a Google Doodle that only say “Happy New Year” or are we once again going to see something spectacular from Google.

    This year the Google Doodle changed into a “Happy Holidays” Google logo, and when you clicked on the logo, it played the Jingle Bells Song. For more information about the Happy Holidays Google Doodle you can watch the video that we have created about the Happy Holidays Google Doodle.

    In this article we’re going to speculate about some of the things Google Might do this year for New Year’s.

    New Year Tracker

    Millions of people this year signed into the Google Maps Norad Santa Tracker, to track Santa as he made his yearly Christmas Gift deliveries. This year we are speculating the Google might give us a

    New Year’s Tracker

    . The tracker tracks New Year’s Eve across the globe and as it becomes New Year in different countries across the world, we get to see it on the New Year Tracker.  Google already have the technology from the Norad Santa Tracker and it would be easy for them to create a New Year Tracker, doing the same as the Santa Tracker.

    We have done a recent post of what we would like to see in a Google New Year Tracker

    • It would be great if Google did a New Year Tracker this year
    • The New Year Tracker should integrate with Google+
    • The New Year Tracker should integrate with YouTube
    • The New Year Tracker should allow us to not only see when New Year arrives all over the world, but we should also be able to interact with the New Years tracker.
      • When New Years arrive in the major cities around the world the New Year’s Tracker should announce that it is New Year.
      • We should be able to see live video streaming within the New Year’s tracker showing us live video from Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, the United States and South America as new year’s break in each of these countries.
      • It would be nice if the New Year’s tracker will show firework displays from these countries as New Year breaks.
      • It would be great if we could see how our Google+ Friends celebrate New Year’s by integrating a special upload in Google+ for New Year’s videos and photo uploads. If you are friends with someone that uploaded photo’s to their Google+ Profiles using the special button. All their friends would be able to see their New Year in the New Year Tracker.

    At the time of writing this article it still remains a mystery as to how Google are going to surprise it’s users this New Year’s. We created this fictional article as part of a serious of articles to try and guess how Google are going to let us know that it is New Year, and what Google are going to do to create “Buzz” around the New Year.

    Google Doodle New Year’s Fireworks Display

    If one takes a conservative approach at what Google are going to do to wish the whole word a “Happy New Year” we would guess that they are going to change their Google Doodle into an Interactive New Year message, saying “

    Happy New Year

    ”. Then when one clicks on the Happy New Year Google doodle it is going to show a fireworks display.

    If you think you know what Google is going to do to make this New Year special, please let us know, or if you have some inspiration and ideas of what you think Google should to this New Year’s Eve let us know. For now we have to just guess, speculate and wait another few days before the big Google New Year’s surprise!

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