How much does a New Isuzu KB Cost in South Africa


Isuzu have launched the new Isuzu KB Bakkies today 12 March 2013 in South Africa. If you are wondering how much it costs to own one of these New Isuzu KB Bakkies, you can find a complete pricelist of the Isuzu KB bakkies here.

Isuzu Prices South Africa

There is 4 Main Types of Isuzu Bakkies now available in South Africa, you can buy the Isuzu KB Single Cab, Isuzu Double Cab, Isuzu Single Cab LX or the Isuzu Extended Cab.

The New Isuzu KB Pricing South Africa – 6th Generation Isuzu Model Line-up and Pricing

Pricing & Positioning
Pricing (incl VAT) as follows:

Diesel Engines
Isuzu KB Single Cab Prices South Africa
Isuzu KB 250 D-Teq R229,300
Isuzu KB 250 Fleetside D-Teq R242,700
Isuzu KB 250 Fleetside D-Teq (Safety) R244,900
Isuzu KB 250 LE 4×4 R315,700
Isuzu KB 250 LE R274,800
Isuzu KB 300 LX R311,700
Isuzu KB 300 LX 4×4 R362,300
Isuzu Extended Cab Prices South Africa
Isuzu KB 250 E/Cab LE R290,700
Isuzu KB 300 E/Cab LX R359,400
Isuzu KB 300 E/Cab LX 4×4 R412,300
Single Cab
Isuzu KB 240 Base R218,900
Isuzu KB 240 Fleetside R233,700
Isuzu KB 240 Fleetside 4×4 R258,500
Isuzu KB 240 LE R253,200
Double Cab
Isuzu KB 240 Double Cab LE R309,100
Isuzu KB 240 Double Cab LE 4×4 R380,200

Service Plan 5yr/90,000km (Except on base models)

Warranty 5yr/120,000km

All pricing is inclusive of VAT and CO2 Tax.

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All About the New Isuzu KB South Africa