How are You Celebrating Google’s 14th Birthday Today


    Today Google is 14 Years Old and in this past 14 years have become one of the biggest and most influential companies in the world. Although Google announced their birthday today with the Google Birthday Doodle. The official start date for Google were on the 4th of September 1988.

    Google 2012

    How are you celebrating Google’s Birthday

    For us here at 3D Car Shows Google are not only a search engine but we also make money via the Google Adsense and Google Adwords program, without these we might have find it much more difficult to make money online.

    Here at 3D Car Shows we are going to celebrate Google’s Birthday with a chocolate cake similar to the one in the Google 27 September 2012 Google Doodle.

    We will upload some images of the cake later this afternoon!

    Are you celebrating Google’s Birthday today, and if you are celebrating Google’s Birthday how are you celebrating it? – Use the comments section below to tell us how you are planning to celebrate Google’s Birthday…

    You can also send your images to and we will publish some of the images on our site!

    Google Logos

    “Image of the first Google Logo’s”