Hot Super Bowl 2013 Commercial from Mercedes-Benz USA


The Super Bowl 2013 is once again going to be the most watched sport event this year, and usually we see some of the best advertisements from the Automotive industry during break time at the game. This year motor companies have started to release information about their advertising plans for the Super Bowl 2013 even earlier than what they did last year.

Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

We have just discovered the Mercedes-Benz Kate Upton video teaser… (You can watch the Super Bowl 2013 Mercedes-Benz Commercial Below).

Is this going to be the Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl 2013 Advertisement or are they using the video just to tease people and to create international awareness of the Super Bowl 2013 taking place on Sunday, February 3, 2013. Last year several automotive companies have pre-launched teaser Super Bowl Advertisements and Commercials to gain maximum exposure from the games.

I suspect that we will see many more of these Super Bowl adds from the Automotive Industry leading up to Super Bowl 2013 Sunday. I love these advertisements and cannot wait to see what the other Automotive Companies are going to come up with!

Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

Here is another teaser Super Bowl 2013 Commercial teaser from Mercedes-Benz USA