British Car Auctions has been honoured with a 2012 HAT Award by honestjohn.co.uk, the website which champions fairness to car owners.

The Highly Approved Trader Awards recognise best practice within the UK motor trade.  To qualify for a HAT, businesses must have been trading for a minimum of three years, be signed up to the appropriate SMMT code of practice and demonstrate a thorough and transparent customer complaints procedure. The HAT Standard is then awarded based on Honest John’s final decision and the recommendations that he has received from the many thousands of motorists that visit his website.

Honest John commented: “The HAT Awards give recognition to the businesses that deliver an exceptional experience to motorists.  It’s great to see BCA on the list of winners from across the motoring industry, all of whom represent reliable, high quality service and excellent value for money. BCA’s Sure Sell scheme has gained plenty of plaudits from motorists as a transparent and efficient way to sell their vehicle. Given the economic pinch it is now more important than ever for consumers to find good deals and decent service for a sensible price.  I believe the HAT Standard sets the benchmark for a level of customer service that motorists should have the right to expect. “

BCA spokesman Tim Naylor commented “We are delighted to receive the 2012 Honest John HAT Award, particularly as it is based on feedback from motorists who have used our services to buy or sell a vehicle. The HAT Awards are a great way to recognise best practice across the motor trade and knowing they come from one of the leading consumer champions is high praise indeed.”