Honda South Africa Recall


Statement by Honda Motor Southern Africa Regarding Proactive Master Power Window Switch Recall: 2002-2008 Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz

Honda Motor Southern Africa will voluntarily recall 20,630 model-year 2002-2008 Jazz vehicles in Southern Africa to replace the master power window switch. There are 20,035 affected in South Africa.

Under some severe operating conditions, water, rain, or other liquid may enter the driver’s window and reach the master power window switch resulting in impaired function of the switch. Liquid ingress can cause the window switch’s circuit board to malfunction and prevent opening or closing of the window. In rare cases, the circuit board can overheat causing melting or smoke or, potentially, fire.

In 2010, a waterproof skirt was fitted to affected vehicles to prevent this defect occurring, however, it has now been discovered that over time a gap can develop between the switch and the skirt allowing the fault to occur again. Owners of vehicles from the affected model years will have their switch replaced with one surrounded by an acrylic seal with shape-following ability.

Honda will notify affected customers via mail in order to have their window switch replaced at an authorised Honda Dealer.

Should a customer be concerned or be experiencing any problems with the operation of their window switch, they are welcome to contact their nearest Honda dealer to arrange an inspection at their earliest convenience.

Should customers have any queries, they are welcome to contact an authorised Honda dealer or Honda Motor Southern Africa directly on 0800 466321, email