Honda South Africa & Honda Academy rise to the challenge


NEWS – Regional Racing CBR250R first race at Redstar Raceway 4th Feb 2012

Cometh the time, cometh the hour and cometh the moment,…… cometh the man.”

Honda South Africa in association with the Honda racing Academy, debuted the new cost effective CBR250R in the new 250cc production class run in the Northern regions racing series.

“What a fantastic class”,…….. “at long last”…were just some of the comments made by competitors and spectators at the first regional race event at Redstar raceway, concerning the 250cc Production class.

Honda have taken a mighty step to promote, and hopefully establish this class in regional development production racing in South Africa, by making sure that there are a minimum amount of riders in this class to make it a long term permanent part of the Northern Regions race circuit.

The class, as well as the race event was a huge success, and only positive feedback and excitement filled the pits and stands on the day.

There was frenetic, close, elbow engaging tussles from front to the back of the field, with the Honda’s doing admirably well for their first event out the box.

The overall win in the class was taken by a Kawasaki, but had 7 Honda’s in tow to the line for the first two races.

On the start line in each of the Races were a mix of 10 Honda’s and 3 Kawasaki’s.

“We have small changes to make on the motorcycles in order to give them that racetrack edge, this includes some suspension set-up, and gearing, and we should have that Kawasaki in our crosshairs by the second race meeting of the year.” Was the comment from the Honda academy.

10 new Honda riders made, what was probably the most eagerly awaited race of the day, a real spectacle to watch, with the promise of more action to come in the class.

The Academy, with the new CBR250R under its wing,  is already oversubscribed, and Honda along with our partners, are busy making sure that prospective customers will be able to purchase motorcycles for the upcoming races of the season.

We are hoping to see this class balloon to at least 25 riders Minimum, per race meeting, like what we used to see some years ago, in production racing.

Honda is very proud to be involved in this initiative, to supply cost effective race packages to riders, in their developmental phase, with the hope of one day being champions.

Honda see’s this and its other initiatives, as the breeding grounds for introducing new competitors to the sport,

And allowing affordable racing to competitors, who otherwise would not be able to participate in this octane induced craziness we call motorcycle racing, that we all love so much.

We will do all we can to make sure that this class will stand out in 2012 as one of the most exciting and talked about racing in the regional’s this year.

We know we have a fantastic product to offer racers, in what we hope will be the most exciting form of production racing this country has seen for a long time.