Honda Asimo Brings Coffee and Drinks


During the Johannesburg International Motor Show which were held during October 2011 we were lucky enough to see one of the performances of the Asimo Robot from Honda. It is amazing to see how the Asimo Robot have advanced from the previous time that we have seen the Robot Performing.

Asimo Honda

During the previous performance of the Asimo Robot, we were not convinced that the Robot were performing the actions on its own. It seemed like someone were sitting at the back controlling the Asimo Robot.

With the 2011 Motor Show and Asimo’s performance it were evident that the Robot have now evolved into a Robot that can function on its own, and even make its own decisions regarding a task.

In the video above the Honda Asimo Robot brings the presenter Coffee and some drinks!

During the performance the presenter have placed a obstical in the path of Asimo, whereby the robot calculated if it were able to complete the task with the obstical in its way or not.

Instead of just walking into the obstacle Asimo were able to calculate that he would not be able to complete the task, stopped and informed the presenter about the obstacle! This is amazingly clever for a Robot. This allows the robot to complete tasks in your house without destroying anything that may prevent the Robot from completing its task!

In the video above you will see some more movement from the Honda Asimo Robot. In the Video Asimo is preparing to Run…

Honda Asimo