Honda announces affordable production racer

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Honda is proud to announce the launch of an affordable production racer for the northern regions regional race series.

This comes in the Guise of a CBR250R production bike available from selected Honda Dealers countrywide.

Along with support from the Northern regions racing subcommittee, and our development partner the Honda Racing Academy (SAMRA), Honda are providing CBR250R production race motorcycles to re-launch the 250 production racing series into the regional race circuit calendar.

Honda CBR250R

Honda sees this as the prefect stepping stone for youngsters progressing from the current 150cc class, and don’t feel ready for the step up to a 600cc motorcycle. We feel that our current CBR250R is the perfect tool, to introduce existing youngsters, to the next step in their race career, and to entice new racers to the sport of motorcycle racing, offering them an affordable option in to the sport.

With the current economy in the state it is, people are finding it more and more difficult to compete in local racing due to inhibitive costs, and this is where Honda have come forward with the support for what we hope will be a cost effective opportunity to go racing in this class.

We feel we have the perfect motorcycle for this series, with the CBR250R having proved its quality, reliability, handling, performance and superbike looks, mimicking its older brother the CBR100RR, since its successful introduction into the South African Market last year.

The CBR250R features an all new 249cc single –cylinder, 4 valve, DOHC, Fuel Injected motor. This motor is renowned for its low down power, with torque available right throughout the rev range, and precise power delivery due to the Electronic Fuel Injection.

With its dry weight one of the lightest in its class, the CBR250R promises to have an advantage over its closest rivals.

With its larger front disc offering more precise, controlled braking, and legendary Honda handling characteristics, we know we have a winner on our hands.

With an already extremely competitive out the box package with the standard Honda CBR250R, the current rule specifications allow the competitor, with a small amount of modifications, which include, the fitment of race body kit, a slight tweak on the suspension, an aftermarket performance exhaust, as well as an aftermarket air filter, all which are available in a race”kit”, to have an advantage over all its competitive rivals in its class.

We have introduced the support race bikes under the umbrella of the Honda Race Academy (SAMRA), in order to make the project viable and sustainable. We feel this will allow far more people access into motorcycle racing in the 250cc production class in South Africa.

Honda have made 10 motorcycles available for the first Race of the season, so as to guarantee a full and exciting field for its inaugural kick off on Saturday the 4th of February at red Star Raceway. With a minimum of 10 Honda’s on the line, we hope to see the return of good old fashioned, handlebar tangling production racing in the 250cc class, with the rules laid out to make the racing as close and exciting for competitors and spectators alike.

Pick the Red corner, come and join us, as we come out fighting for the title in this 2012 race season.

For any queries regarding information about racing the CBR250R and the Honda race Academy, please contact the following people below:-

SAMRA – South African Motorcycle Racing Academy

083 6304235

082 5603684

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