History of the LA Auto Show the 1930-1940


    The LA Auto Show is taking place during November this year. If you want to attend the show you can do so between the 17th to 27th November. Here is a short history of the LA Show in the 1930’s

    1930 Los Angeles Auto Show

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    In the 1930’s, the show continued to be popular, despite the Great Depression. In fact, the show may have served as an entertaining diversion from it. At the low point in 1932, vehicle sales had dropped to one-half the sales levels of 1929.

    From 1931 to 1935, the show was held at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in two specially constructed auditoriums (tents). In 1935, President Roosevelt requested all the major auto shows, including Los Angeles, move their dates from winter to the fall so that car sales would boost the economy and provide for a more cheerful Christmas season. Consequently, a second show was held in November at the newly opened Pan

    Pacific Auditorium.

    As the economy improved in the late 1930’s, the show continued to grow and prosper until the onset of World War II.