Increasing investment appeal in Aston Martin DB6 as figures swell 

With prices for the famed DB5 on an inexorable climb, classic car collectors and enthusiasts of the Aston Martin marque alike are being encouraged to get ahead of the game by auctioneer Historics, as it brings an early Aston Martin DB6 Mk. I Vantage to auction on Saturday February 18th 2012.

Aston Martin DB6 Mk. I Vantage

Number 52 of 1567 Aston Martin DB6 built, the superb 1965 example consigned by Historics ahead of its winter sale at Mercedes-Benz World is also one of just 268 right hand drive models to roll off the production line at Newport Pagnell. 

The last of the ‘true’ David Brown cars, the DB6 borrowed the best bits from some of its predecessors and packaged them into a highly specified, more stable, aerodynamic grand tourer, with a growing appreciation of its styling – originally the cause of scepticism amongst Aston Martin traditionalists – signalling a surge in sale prices of late. 

Remarking on the recent rise in popularity of the DB6, Phil Bell, Editor of Classic Cars Magazine, noted: “With Aston Martin DB4 and DB5 prices soaring out of reach for so many enthusiasts it’s not surprising that they’re increasingly looking to the better-value DB6. It’s a fine car in its own right, offering much of the aesthetic appeal of the earlier models but in a more user-friendly package. Inevitably the increased demand is now driving up DB6 values as well.” 

Having undergone a painstaking, no-expense-spared seven year restoration at the hands of marque experts Ricky Cann, a full ‘bare metal’ re-spray of chassis DB6/2403/R has resulted in the desirable colour combination of dark blue exterior alongside original black leather interior, with the DB6 also featuring a rare full length Webasto sunroof. 

Aston Martin DB6 Mk. I Vantage

As part of the £100,000 restoration, the Vantage is also presented with an uprated 4.2 litre engine, to deliver a smoother power delivery through the range, while a conversion was completed to allow the car to run on unleaded fuel, highlighting the driveability of this model. 

Although the fun of any classic car ownership is often tempered by the cost of maintaining it, a network of independent Aston Martin specialists has established a parts catalogue and knowledge base that ensures heritage models like the DB6, can be driven by their owners in confidence, without fear that their investment is at stake. 

Widely anticipated as the next Aston Martin to experience a marked rise in value, Historics’ DB6 Mk. I Vantage is expected to encourage offers in the region of £125,000 – £140,000 at Mercedes-Benz World in February.