Hino South Africa has signalled its intention to become a more important player in the growing waste management market with a joint venture between truck maker Hino, compactor manufacturer TFM and local Allison automatic transmission distributor D & A Power Products of Kempton Park.

Hino Waist Management

“We are very pleased that we are able to team up with two blue chip companies in this project, which will be a turnkey purchase for our customers,” said Hino SA s senior manager for sales, IJ Greeff.

“We have noticed how there has been a significant swing over the years to higher powered trucks for top end compactor operations, particularly in the 350-400hp categories and we believe we now have the ideal truck in our 700 Series 2841 model with a 410hp engine.”

“Allison is the supplier of more than 80% of the world’s power shift automatic transmissions, with a cumulative total of more than five million units having been manufactured since the company was established in 1929. It is the gearbox of choice for waste management operations worldwide, where it is known as the King of the Hills,” added IJ Greeff.

“TFM, which was established as a specialised body builder in 1966 and subsequently split into various independent businesses, was regrouped into one organisation earlier this year and now provides a countrywide, manufacturing, sales and service footprint. It has been involved in the manufacture of compactors for more than 20 years and the product has been refined substantially over time,” explained the Hino SA executive.

The three partners combined to stage a most impressive demonstration of one of these units at the Gerotek test centre, west of Pretoria, recently. Attendees were dealers and potential customers.

Hino Waist Management Truck

Hino SA has seven compatible models for waste management: four skip loaders, one hook lift and two compactors. Compactors can be fitted to the 500 Series 1626 chassis cab with a capacity of 12m3 and the other, on the 700 Series 2841 chassis cab, which has a capacity of 19m3.

The flagship Hino compactor that was demonstrated at Gerotek is equipped with a TFM HC250 compactor that has a capacity of 19m3 or 12,5 tons. It is built on a Hino 700 Series 2841 6×4 chassis cab, which is powered by a 13-litre Hino E13C intercooled turbo diesel engine developing 410hp (305kW) of power at 1 800r/min and 1 863Nm of torque at 1 100r/min.

The Hino 700 Series chassis-cab has been specifically adapted for its role of operating in the rough and tough conditions that exist on dump sites. The exhaust system has been rerouted and lifted 230mm, while the 300 litre fuel tank has been lifted 200mm. Skid plates are fitted under the engine, transmission and fuel tank.

The rear axle capacity is rated at 20 400kg for the compactor application, while the front axle capacity is 7 500kg and the GVM is 27 900kg. The rear axle has a limited slip differential for traction in low grip conditions.

Brakes are front and rear drums, which is the system of choice for use in the often muddy and abrasive conditions on a dump site.

A very important component in this offering to the waste management industry is the Allison 4500 fully automatic transmission which has five- or six-speed settings according to the specific operating conditions.

The torque converter in the Allison transmission provides instant torque multiplication for stop-start operations on inclines and it has a gradeability of 72% in first gear. A power take-off is standard.

Transmission service intervals are 480 000km changes of the special synthetic lubricant, with filter changes every 80 000km. The sophisticated transmission has a diagnostic analyser with codes to indicate the required service operations.

There is plenty of retardation available through a 250hp Jakes brake on the engine and a 260hp transmission retarder on the compactor setting.

The TFM HC 250 compactor is ideally suited to the Hino truck and is well proven in SA operating conditions. It has a high specification level and the construction is robust and quality standards are also high. Bin lifters can be specified if required.

The warranty on the Hino truck is one year unlimited kilometres on the  truck and two years or 300 000km on the drivetrain. Servicing is required every 250 hours or 5 000km in a domestic waste operation and this can be extended to 10 000 – 15 000km in an industrial waste operation.

The demonstrations at Gerotek were most impressive. The Hino/Allison/TFM compactor, which was laden to its full GVM with metal shot, showed its abilities on the high speed oval, various gradients and on the very steep and demanding ride and handling course. It went up and down a gradient of 50% (270) and the previous day had successfully tackled a 70% (350) incline. On each occasion it was able to stop and restart without rolling backwards.

“We know we now have the products and the right partners to become serious players in the local waste management market,” said a confident IJ Greeff.