HINO MEDIA EVENT at 2011 Johannesburg International MOTOR SHOW


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, First of all, I would like to thank you for all your support after March disaster in Japan on behalf of Hino Motors.

I am very pleased that I am able to join you at the Johannesburg Truck & Bus Show today as it is a very important occasion for us at Hino.

Yoshio Shirai

The reason is that we are unveiling a brand new range of medium trucks.

South Africa is the first country for us to introduce new Hino 300 series among all knock down assembling countries in the world.

That’s why I arranged my schedule and I could be here with you.

This new model announcement is another very important milestone in the history of Hino in your country.

All the markets in Africa are important to Hino Motors in Japan, but of course, South Africa is one of the most important markets for us in view of its size and its high growth potential in the coming years.

It is also a very important market for us in terms of feedback to assist our product development engineers in improving our ranges of truck and gaining input for new models.

This helps maintain our competitiveness in this demanding market.

We are now a serious contender in all three segments of the South African market – Medium, Heavy, and Extra-heavy trucks – and are looking to grow both our sales volumes and to increase market share.

We continue to make our 700 Series of Extra-heavy trucks more competitive by adding models and improving features, while our 500 Series remains one of the most popular models in the Heavy truck category.

Toyota South Africa has been the long-time leader in the Medium truck category, first with Dyna and latterly with the Hino 300-Series.

We are therefore, very proud of the new Medium truck range we are previewing here today.

Many years of dedicated work has gone into this project and I am sure when you see, touch and sit in these new models, you will be impressed too.

I look forward to hearing your reaction to our new “baby” and hope it meets your expectations as one of the most important models on the South African truck market.

As I already mentioned, Hino business in South Africa will be more strengthened in coming years with a very strong leadership of Toyota South Africa.

Next time when I come to South Africa, I am very much looking forward to being able to greet with many truck drivers who happily are operating Hino trucks for their transportation business.

Thank you for your attention.