Hi-Q South Africa, South Africa’s best loved Tyre Retailer


Hi-Q cements its iconic status as SA’s best loved tyre retailer

Hi-Q South Africa

Independent consumer research by the Target Group Index (TGI) has placed Hi-Q at the forefront of tyre retail brands for the fourth consecutive year.

The tyre retail category was one of 163 across nine industries and more than 8 000 brands researched in TGI’s annual quest to find the ones South Africans love the best. This recognition from local consumers sets Hi-Q among a special group of iconic brands from other industries, such as All-Gold and Huletts, Black Cat, Coca-Cola and Nokia.

The globally respected TGI Icon Brands survey was first conducted in 1969 and is the largest of its kind in South Africa. More than 15 000 randomly selected consumers were interviewed in the survey this year, representing over 19 million adults. In the tyre retail sector, consumers had to have purchased tyres in the preceding 12 months, to ensure recent first-hand experience in their responses.

“We really are a truly South African brand,“ said Dustine Gascoyne, Hi-Q General Manager.  “We continually strive to live out the values that launched the network over a decade ago. It’s rewarding to know that our customers are unshakeable in their belief that Hi-Q is the still one they can trust for all their vehicles’ tyre and undercarriage needs.

“Now, we are more determined than ever to stay on top. Our customers can expect us to try even harder, because being the best is just the beginning. The results of the TGI survey portray the effort the Hi-Q network and suppliers put into the brand and their business. It’s something we are very proud of.

Hi-Q Tyres

Gascoyne said the Hi-Q philosophy aimed to deliver essential emotional as well as just rational benefits to its customers.

“The connection goes beyond great pricing, quality products and convenient outlets. It is also the feeling of the people that customers encounter within Hi-Q. We actively ensure that all aspects of the tyre purchase experience are made as easy and approachable as possible. Invariably the customer is making a tyre purchase decision of necessity, not desire, so ideally we want to make their experience trouble-free and easy. We’re in the solutions business.

“Looking ahead, our key focus is to evolve with the needs and desires of our retail network and our customers. The trusted yellow-and-blue look and upmarket feel of Hi-Q will continue to evolve with trends to keep things fresh, but the essence of Hi-Q, the integrity of the business and the way we treat our customers, is clearly a winning formula.”

Maria Petousis, TGI Director, said the survey revealed “South Africa’s most current quintessential brands. They define a common experience, often on a daily basis, and South Africans across all demographic groups are committed to them in a real sense; they put their money where their mouths are to demonstrate this commitment”.