Heinrich Rudolf Hertz


    Heinrich Rudolf HertzToday it is techie day at the Google Doodle Graphics Factory. In honor of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz Google changed its logo to a frequency wave. This is part of the discoveries Heinrich Rudolf Hertz discovered. At the time of his discoveries he did not think much of his own work.

    Yet still today his name is synonymous with some of the most important technologies of our time.

    When I first opened Google this morning and I saw the Radio frequencies and the name Heinrich Rudolf Hertz I had no idea who Heinrich Rudolf Hertz is. Yet without knowing his name I have talked about his discoveries and inventions millions of times. Heinrich Rudolf Hertz is synonymous with terms of electrical frequencies and his surname is the naming convention for electrical frequencies: Hertz as in Kilohertz (kHz) and Megahertz (MHz).

    These naming conventions have been used since 1933 and are in the Oxford dictionary and part of the International Metric System.

    Heinrich Rudolf Hertz and Wireless Technologies

    Heinrich Rudolf Hertz played a very important role in Computer and Radio Wave, Electrical Frequencies and as a direct result the naming conventions that we use to understand these technologies are directly derived from his surname.

    For more information on “Heinrich Rudolf Hertz” we recommend that you use Wikipedia to learn more about this extraordinary man

    Heinrich Rudolf Hertz


    What is Hertz?

    Heinrich Rudolf Hertz experiment

    The hertz is equivalent to cycles per second.[2] In defining the second the CIPM declared that “the standard to be employed is the transition between the hyperfine levels F = 4, M =  0 and F = 3, M = 0 of the ground state 2S1/2 of the cesium 133 atom, unperturbed by external fields, and that the frequency of this transition is assigned the value 9 192 631 770 hertz”[3] thereby effectively defining the hertz and the second simultaneously.

    The hertz is named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz, who made important scientific contributions to the study of electromagnetism. The name was established by the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) in 1930. – Source Wikipedia

    Heinrich Rudolf Hertz Google Doodle

    Heinrich Rudolf Hertz's 155th Birthday Google Logo

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