Happy Valentine’s Day 2012


    Today, I have heard many people complaining about Valentine’s Day, it seems like the world is divided between those who love Valentine’s Day and those who hate Valentine’s Day. The strongest argument for those who, hate Valentine’s Day is that the day is too commercial. If you do not spend hundreds of dollars on your love one it is considered that you do not really love them.

    On the same side there is those who say Valentine’s Day make it seem fine if you only show you love to your loved  one once a year and if you spent hundreds of bucks pampering them on Valentine’s day everything is fine.

    TeleFlora Valentine’s Day SuperBowl Commercial

    A good example of a material Valentine’s Day is the Teleflora Super Bowl Commercial. In the Valentine’s Commercial the Gorgeous actress gives some tips to men who want to treat their ladies on Valentine’s Day. This commercial is like fuel on fire for those who are against Valentine’s Day.

    We have included the Netflorist Valentine’s Commercial Video on this page; you can watch it and decide for yourself!


    Google Doodle Valentine’s Day Image

    It is likely that when you opened Google on Valentine’s Day 2012 that you have seen the Google Doodle image for Valentine’s Day. The Google Doodle is said to have created some controversy with an agenda. Right at the end of the Google Doodle Animation there is a gay couple in the Google Doodle video. At first we did not even notice the gay’s in the Google Doodle.

    Valentine's Day

    “Screenshot of the Google Doodle Valentine’s Day Logo”

    Valentine's Day 2012

    “The Valentine’s Day Google Doodle 2012”

    For us here at 3D Car Shows we loved the Google Valentine’s Day doodle and did not pay to much attention to the agenda behind the Valentine’s Day Google Doodle. The animation tells a short story. In the Valentine’s Day Google Doodle clip a boy is trying to win over a girl. He tries to impress her with various gifts, flowers and even use Google to try and find a way to win her heart.

    At the end of the Valentine’s Day clip the boy finally wins over the girl’s heart by becoming interested in the things that she finds interesting! In itself this is a true and wonderful story!

    Google Doodle Valentine’s Day Video.

    We have decided to make a video clip of the 2012 Valentine’s Day Google Doodle, just in case you have missed the Valentine’s Day video. Usually the Google Doodle is only available for a short time on the Google Homepage and you may have missed it. By having the clip on our website you can come back later and watch the Valentine’s Day Google Doodle again and again.


    Happy Valentine’s Day

    For us here at 3D Car Shows, we love Valentine’s Day whether there is controversy about the authenticity of Valentine’s Day or not! We would like to wish all our readers a Happy Valentine’s Day and we hope that however you celebrate Valentine’s Day that the day will bring your something special.