Happy New Year

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This whole week we have been speculating about how Google will Say happy New Year. Now finally hours ago we were able to get a sneak preview of how Google will say “Happy New Year” to the world as New Year Eve creeps closer. It is only Hours away before the whole world will go “Happy New Year” crazy as the world starts to celebrate the New year.

Happy New Year 2012

Google have just revealed their “Happy New Year 2012”, Happy New Year Google Doodle!

To view the Google Happy New Year 2012 Doodle simply go to the Google Homepage. If you cannot see the Google Doodle Happy New Year 2012 logo yet, try going to the Google New Zealand pages.

Happy New Year 2012

I must say I am personally disappointed at the way Google is saying “Happy New Year” this year, after the excitement that the Search Company have created on the internet with their “let it snow” campaigns and the “Christmas Lights and Christmas Decorations” campaigns the Happy New Year greeting does not create the buzz that I wanted to see.


It is possible that this is not the final “Google Happy New Years” doodle and that it will still get some sort of interactive feature added to it! It would have been great to see the New Year Google exploding into a magnificent fireworks display. However this might actually only happen when it is “New Year’s Day” or twelve o’clock at midnight. If not I must say and I am speaking for myself the “Happy New Year” Google Doodle is just not that excited!

How will Google say Happy New Year?

This was one of the biggest questions many people following the Google Doodle tradition have been asking for the past week, many webmasters have been speculating about how and what the Google Happy New Year logo will say. Today Google first revealed the secret and showed the Google Doodle Happy New Year logo on the Google New Zealand pages.

This year we have been speculating that Google might create a New Year’s Tracker or a New Year’s Countdown application as part of the Google “Happy New Year” celebrations. We were expecting something like Google Maps powering the “New Year’s Countdown app” showing everyone around the world as New Year comes to all parts of the world.

Google and the Norad Santa tracker have the technology already available to make a New Year tracker. This would make it easy for us to follow New Year’s all over the world at the time people say “Happy New Year” to each other. It is still early days and the countdown to New years have just started, to say that Google is not going to use their Google Maps to bring us a New Year Count Down and tracker!

We can still wish and hope for a “Happy New Year” gift from Google that would allow us to live track the countdown to New Year across the globe!

The Google New Year Countdown app

Please note that this article is purely based on speculation and that we do not have any insight to Google and our speculation is as good as yours on what Google are actually busy developing.

However still, with the Technologies Google unveiled with the powering of the Norad Santa applications we got somewhat carried away with all the excitement and with the possibilities of Google creating a New Year Countdown Application or New Year Tracker Application.

Google+ and Google New Year’s Countdown Tracker

It would have been great to see an application built into Google+ which allowed persons to track New Year eve events live over the internet. The Google Maps New Year Tracker could have shown us where exactly in the world it is New Year now. People on Google+ who are using the application could then upload videos and images of their New Year parties live to their Google+ Profile pages and then their friends, family and circle members could see these images and videos in real-time as the world shouts “Happy new year” and celebrates the “New year”.

3D Car Shows New Years Tracker.

New Year Tracker

We have created a New Year’s Tracker that provides some basic functionality that will help people all over the world to see when and where it is New Year and time to say “Happy New Year”.

For more information on the application you can visit the

New Years tracker


Happy New Year, to everyone and thank you for your support in 2011!

Enjoy and be safe!

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