Happy New Year


    Fireworks New Year ChinaToday is a time to reflect on the previous year. It is a time to think about the past year and look at your personal accomplishments, disappointments, victories and losses. It is a time to think about people that you may have lost and it is a time to think about friends you have gained.

    It is a time to look at your life and to make New Year’s resolutions. Even if these will not last long into the New Year, it is a good psychological exercise to clean your inner sole.

    New years are the one day in the year that is especially set aside for the world to reflect on the past year. Once you have count your chickens and reflected on the past year it is time to clear your sole and to start fresh. This is why people say “Happy New Year”. It is part of the ritual to let the worries of the previous year go and to start fresh. If you have a Happy New Year it usually means that you will have a good year!

    Happy New Year 2012

    Happy New Year 2012 Images

    Today when I switched on my computer the first thing I did was to open the Google Search site, I wanted to see the latest Google Doodle, the hottest image of all the Happy New Year 2012 Images.

    Google are known for their Google New Years images at the end of the year, and many people have speculated on what the Google Image will say and how it will look.

    This year the Google Happy New Year 2012 image took the cake from all the best of the best Happy New Year 2012 Images. Not only is the Happy New Year 2012 Image cute but it also reflects true on New Year’s Celebrations. The Google image has dancers in it and it is obvious that they are having fun and having a good time.

    I have speculated but where almost 100% sure that the Google Doodle will say “Happy New Year”.

    When I opened the search engine and saw the Google Doodle with the “Happy New Year” words on it.

     I felt some relieve and self satisfaction, call me superstitious but I believe that this is a good start for me to have guess the words “Happy New Year” correct on the Happy New Year 2012 Image.

    Many Graphic Designers wanted to create the Ultimate Happy New Year 2012 image, and the competition was hot for the best looking “Happy New Year 2012 Images”. Some of these Happy New Year 2012 Images have received much attention this year and if one did not know that Google is going to launch their Happy New Year 2012 Image on may have thought that these images have a change at being the most popular and most viewed image of 2012.

    Today when Google launched their “Happy New Year 2012 Image” it is very likely that it instantly became the most popular Happy New Year 2012 Image! In true Google Tradition the Search Engine stole the show with their Happy New Year 2012 Image!

    If you want to view all the Google Doodle images you can go to the Google Doodle Library. The Google Doodle Library have all the images of the Google Doodles in one place. If you do not know what a Google Doodle is, it is basically an image that represents a Historical moment on earth, the birthday of a important person in the history of the world or a special event. The Google Doodle is used to make people aware of a cause, event or important happening in Human History. If you haven’t yet visited the Google Doodle Library we highly recommend that you do so!

    Google have also showed a video of some of the most memorable events this year just underneath the Google “Happy New Year Image”. There were however slight changes made to the Google homepage and you may have
    missed it. I have included the year in review image here:

    2011 Highlights

    In this short video Google showcases the technologies that they have developed the past year. You can view the +1 button they have created. Google+ Profile pages and Google+ Business pages and how these pages were used to bring the News and Events that have happened this year to the world. It is a very Good video showcasing the best of 2011 and the events that impacted on all of our lives. If you haven’t seen the 2011 Highlights video from Google we highly recommend that you watch it now!

    For me personally this is a Great video on the highlights of 2011. The video closes with the words “we made it”. Again this brings me back to the yearend celebrations. If you haven’t done so already use the last day of the year to reflect on the high and low of 2011, and go into the New Year fresh!

    Happy New Year 2012

    I would like to thank all the people who have visited the 3D Car Shows in 2011. Thank you for your support, thank you for your visits and thank you for your feedback, we wish you a Happy New Year and our wishes are that 2012 will be a Kodak moment for you!

    Happy New Year!

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