Happy New Year 2012 Images – Google take the Cake


Graphic Designers have worked on some stunning Happy New Year 2012 Images this year, and it is evident if you search for “Happy New Year 2012 Images” from the many images that comes up. Most of these images wishing the world a Happy New Year 2012.

Today the popularity of these images will fade by the sheer power of the Search Engine when it launched its Google Doodle Happy New Year 2012 image today.

The happy Google Doodle is set to go down into the History Books as the Happy New Year image of the year for 2012.

Google New Year Doodles

Happy New Year 2012 Images

Google have recently launched, or rather re-launched their Google Doodle Library, showcasing the Best Google Doodles. If you would like to see these Doodles, you can go to the homepage of Google and click on the “I’m Feeling lucky” button and you will be directed to the

Google Doodle Library


The Chinese New Year will start on the 23rd of January 2012. For more information about the

Chinese New Year

you can visit our pages on the Chinese New Year 2012.