Happy New Year 2012 Images – Google doodles a big hit


Google have only hours ago released images of the most anticipated Google Doodle this year. The “Happy New Year 2012” Google Doodle, almost everyone knew that Google will change their logo to something that says “Happy New Year 2012” but nobody except the guys at Google knew what the Google Happy New Year 2012 image would look like this New Year.

Happy New Year 2012 Images

The Google Doodle Happy New Year Image were first available in Google Search Engines like New Zealand, Australia, India, United Kingdom and South Africa but once images of the Google Happy New Year 2012 logo started to appear in the Google United States Search engine the Google Doodle changed to the “Happy New Year 2012” image all across the world.

In my opinion people are very excited about the New Year and especially tonight’s celebrations. The countdown to New Year’s Eve has officially begun with the Happy New Year 2012 Google Doodle and people will now start preparing for the big Celebrations.

Happy New Year and enjoy!

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Happy New Year 2012 Images

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