Happy New Year 2012 – Bonne année find its way to France


    The Google “Happy New Year 2012” images are also available in French. Earlier this morning 31st of January 2012 the Google Doodle first found its way to New Zealand and Australia where it were first spotted. Now it has also found its way to the USA and UK, and now is also on Google France.

    Happy New Year 2012 France

    Many people could not wait for the Google “Happy New Year” message to appear on the Search Engines homepage. Not only have Google been able to create a worldwide following and fan club for their Google Doodles, but it is also an indication of New Year Eve slowly coming nearer!

    Many people all over the world have literally waited 1 year for New Year to come, and finally it is here and the fun can start!

    We hope that you will have a wonderful 2011 and a Happy New Year!

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