Happy New Year!


    Happy New YearToday, 31st of December 2012 Google wished the world “Happy New Year” with their latest Google Image the Happy New Year Image for 2012.

    These Google Images are called Google Doodles and Google have a whole library of these images from previous occasions.

    The Google Doodle images are usually on day’s celebrating Historical and Special occasions in the History of the Human race. We recommend you check out the Google Doodle images to see the Highlights of 2011 and previous years.

    Google Video: 2011 Highlights

    Many people might have missed the message underneath the Happy New Year 2012 image. If you looked just underneath the Happy New Year Image, there is a link to Google Highlights for 2011. I just love the Google Video that appears on the Happy New Year page. In the video Google shows us the highlights of 2011, the sorrow, happiness and the Google Technology that powered millions of searches across the Globe in 2011.

    The amazing part for me is to see how big influence Google had, powering these Searches, it is just simply amazing.

    In the video you will see some of the 2011 achievements from Google like the +1 button, the Google+ Profiles and Google+ Business pages to name a few!

    We recommend that you watch the video and see for yourself…

    From us here at 3D Car Shows Happy New Year!

    New York New Year Ball Drop

    Another big New Year’s Event taking place later today is the

    New York New Year’s Eve Ball Drop 2012

     we recommend that you check it out Midnight USA New York time.

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