Happy Mother’s Day 2012


Today the Google Doodle for Mother’s Day hasn’t come as a complete surprise. We all should know what mother’s day is anyways. The nice thing about the Google Mother’s Day doodle is that if you forgot about Mother’s Day the Google doodle would have reminded you about it.

Mothers day

The Mother’s Day Google Doodle

This year for Mother’s Day 2012 Google have come up with a cute yet simple animation to announce mother’s day. In the Google Doodle the mother is the “G”. In some countries it is tradition to bring your mother a nice breakfast in bed, from the looks of the Google animation this is just what is happening. The two children the “O’s” in Google are peaking behind what looks like a door. When they see the mother is awake they run in to surprise her and wish her a happy mother’s day!

A simple yet cute and effective Google Doodle to announce Mother’s Day!

If you are a mother we wish you a happy Mother’s Day! If you are a kid, make sure to wish your mother a happy mother’s day today and make her day special!

Happy Mother’s Day Google Doodle Video Animation

In case you have missed the “Mother’s Day” Google Doodle animation here is a short video with the animation. You can also visit the Google Doodles Library for all past Google Doodles.

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