Happy Holidays by Google


Today December 23, 2012 Google have once again wished everyone using their search engine a “Happy Holidays”.

Happy Holidays

The Google Happy Holidays Google Tradition is this December more than 10 years old. Google have also placed a link underneath the “Happy Holidays” link to their “Follow Santa” pages or better Known as the “Santa Tracker” services, all part of the company’s strategy to bring the Christmas spirit to their users!

Google Santa Tracker 2012

The Google Santa tracker service make use of Google Maps, and help people to track “Where Santa is” during his journey from the North Pole to deliver presents all over the world. The Google Santa Tracker allows children to visually see when it Santa should be arriving at their homes and when they can expect to get there presents from Santa. In previous years Google and the NORAD Santa Tracker service worked together to provide a similar service, but this year Google is doing it on their own, and NORAD and Microsoft and Bing have teamed up to bring the NORAD Santa Tracker Service.

Google Santa Tracker

“Screenshot of the

Google Santa Tracker


The Google Santa Tracker pages, allows for many Christmas Games and activities on their pages to keep children occupied as they wait for Santa to come to their homes. If your children keeps asking “Where is Santa now” you can direct them to the Google Santa Tracker pages, which should keep them busy for hours, and also allow them to see where Santa is, and when he is leaving the North Pole on his Christmas present journey!

Happy Holidays 2012 – Google Doodle

The 2012 Happy Holidays Google Doodle features a parade of toys, some of whom are playing different musical  instruments marching towards the Google words in the background setting the mood for a joyful Christmas and Holiday period.

Happy Holidays 2012

Happy Holidays 2011

The 2011 Happy Holidays Google Doodle were by far one of my most favorite Google Happy Holidays doodles of all time. The Google Doodle were interactive and when you pressed the right compination of key’s on the doodle it played the famous “Jingle Bells” tune.

Here is a short video that I have recorded of the 2011 Happy Holidays Jingle Bells Doodle


Happy Holidays 2010

The 2010 Happy Holidays Google Doodle featured seventeen drawings, designed to look like hand painted framed paintings that display images of peace, joy, happiness and beauty around the world. The small pictures expand when you mouse over them, and clicking each frame links to a Google page explaining that particular scene. The 2010 Google Doodle truly represented the Christmas and holiday spirit.

Happy Holidays 2010

“The 2010 Happy Holidays Google Doodle”

Happy Holidays 2009

In 2009 Google had 5 slightly different Happy Holidays Google Doodles. In some places in the world like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand it is warm during the Christmas period while in other Countries like France, England, USA and Canada it is winter during the Christmas period. In the Google Doodles for 2009 Google changed their doodles slightly to represent the different weather conditions in these parts of the world, during the holiday period.

Happy Holidays 2009

“The 2009 Happy Holidays Google Doodle”

Happy Holidays 2008

For many people the Christmas period represent toys and gifts, In the 2008 Happy Holidays Google Doodle, the company displayed a Happy Holidays with Pinocchio and Geppetto the toy maker.

Happy Holidays 2008

“”The 2008 Happy Holidays Google Doodle”

Happy Holidays 2007

The 2007 Happy Holidays Google Doodles displayed some workers decorating the Google Doodle for Christmas.

Happy Holidays 2007

These are just some of the Google Doodles that Google have showed over the past year on the 23 December. I love these Google Doodles as it brings some of the Christmas Joy to the internet and believe that Google have done a great job in the past with each of these doodles. Every Christmas I look forward to find the Google Doodle first for the 23 December and always happy to see it when it comes.

If you are celebrating Christmas, I would like to wish you a Happy and Merry Christmas, if you are celebrating the holiday season and not Christmas, may you have “Happy Holidays!”