Happy Holidays


Today 24 December 2013 Google used their Google Doodle to wish the world “Happy Holidays”.

Happy Holidays

Traditionally tomorrow for Christians specialize the day before the birth of Jesus Christ. People say Happy Holidays as a greeting or sort of well-wishing for people celebrating Christmas or the Holiday period. Christians also say “Merry Christmas” instead of Happy Holidays to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

In today’s Happy Holidays Google Doodle there is a Santa Clause in the doodle, but traditionally I would say that the Google Doodle is not representing a true traditional Christmas and representation of Father Christmas. In the doodle Father Christmas, or Santa Clause slay is being pulled by a horse and not by reindeer as traditionally believed.

In the Doodle it looks like Santa Clause is getting ready to deliver Christmas presence to kids around the world. It is believed that Santa Clause travels each holiday season across the globe to deliver Christmas presents to children who have been good, and behaved throughout the year.

Traditionally people will give each other Christmas Presents on Christmas Eve, or in some households they will give each other presents on the 25th of December on Christmas day.

Today as the world take time to celebrate Christmas, and other religions celebrate the festive season we would like to wish all our readers “Happy Holidays” and a Merry Christmas if you are celebrating the season!