Happy, Happy, Happy New Year 2012


    Today 30th December 2011 the news, television and internet is busy as most people starts to pick up on the “happy, happy, happy New Years bug”. Why do we say happy, happy, happy new year, simply because that is how people in Cape Town South Africa will wish each other happy new year this year. If you do not get it, maybe you should try it when you are saying New Years to someone on New Year’s Eve this year.

    The way to say “Happy, Happy, Happy New Year” should be said with a great emphasis on “Happy”, repeat the Happy for 3 times but make it come out of the bottom of your stomach.

    Saying the happy 3 times in a row make the person you are wishing happy New Year to, feel the excitement of the moment!

    Saying the Happy part of “

    Happy New Year

    ” 3 times will also have an effect on you.  The more you say it the better you will feel. So let’s change the way we say Happy New Years this year to “Happy, Happy, Happy New Year” and feel the excitement and mental effect of saying it the Cape Town way.

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