Happy Halloween, Happy Halloween, Happy Halloween!


    happy halloweenToday when I visited the Google homepage I were not sure if Google is going to celebrate Halloween this year. It seems like the Google Happy Halloween doodle is only available in certain countries. It seems like the happy Halloween doodle is not going to be available in South Africa and I had to visit the USA Google Search Engine to see the happy Halloween Doodle.

    This is a surprise for me as I believe we deserved to get the Happy Halloween doodle here as well, although we do not celebrate Halloween as big as it is done in the USA many people in South Africa have started to celebrate it here. This is likely due to Hollywood movies and Television series where we got to learn more about Halloween.

     We have also lived in the USA for some time, and our kids who grew up in the USA is partly responsible for bringing the Halloween culture and celebrations to South Africa.

    happy halloween

    About the Happy Halloween Google Doodle

    Although the Google Doodle is not available on the South African Google Homepage, I still got to see it by visiting the USA Search engine. This year’s Google Doodle for Halloween is relatively simple and plain but it does have some interaction. The Google Doodle is a cartoon with a street view, and one can see building in the background, for some reason I thought that the street were Elm Street.

    On the steps to the homes, there are pumpkins decorated and a crow on one of the roof tops. To interact with the Google Doodle one has to click on the doors, pumpkins or skeletons. If you click on any of these the doodle will perform some sort of animation. The doors will open, or some spooky sounds played or the skeleton rattled.

    If you open all the doors the Google Logo were readable inside the doors, partly designed and completed by ghosts. In most Google Doodles it is always possible to read the “Google words” which have become a trademark of the doodles.

    I personally loved the Google Doodle for Halloween 2012, October 31 and highly recommend that you go and see it this Halloween.

    If you are celebrating Halloween, we here at 3D Car Shows would like to wish you a Happy Halloween.