Happiness Fuels the New Car Market


 The UK automotive industry struck a significant milestone in May with registrations for new cars rising by 20pc for the same time last year, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). May proved to be the 15th successive month of growth for the UK car market.

New Car Market

Strong buying confidence among UK motorists is further evidence that Britain is further ahead than most of Europe in terms of economic recovery. UK consumers are happier to buy new cars as their confidence grows and they become more secure in their jobs. “Customers returning to cycles of buying new cars could be one of the main reasons” said the SMMT. “It is thought there are fewer used cars available due to poor sales of new vehicles during the downturn”.

Why the boost?

This surge in new car sales has released new life into the British motor industry. Consumers are also rediscovering

the benefits to buying a new car

; longer, more comprehensive warranties, the latest safety, convenience and environmental features, and new cars last longer and deliver more value when compared to purchasing a used vehicle.

Another important aspect emerging from the gloom of slowly receding recession is the freedom of choice. After the world wars for example, people focused on enjoying life to the fullest and post-recession, constant living with austerity measures now means enjoyment in the form of choosing exactly what you want.

The consumer is now faced with two choices, a range of better vehicles to look at and test drive. As well as the choice to equip it with whatever features desired and upgrade any which way. If you want the best airbags as standard and electronic stability control, plus the cleanest engines you have to buy new.

Technology and Safety Advances

Technology in motoring is another benefit to considering a new car. Take the recently launched BMW Car Hotspot LTE which is now bringing LTE (Long Term Evolution) high-speed mobile internet access inside the car. Passengers can now surf the internet on high speed, even using as many as eight different mobile devices simultaneously.

Then there is improved safety with Driver Assistance Systems which function automatically without any driver interaction, Intelligent Speed Adaptation and E-call, an automatic accident alert to emergency services.

As people find more enjoyment in motoring again and the economy strengthens, car manufacturers are more likely to produce the type of car typically associated with the Bond franchise; cutting-edge technology, style and precision. Exactly the type of car motorists deserve after wintering a long recession.

Driving is pleasurable again.