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Hankook Tyres Now Available At All Approved South African Tyre Dealers

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Hankook, the world’s seventh-largest tyre company, has announced that its full product range of Passenger, SUV, LDV and 4×4 Tyres will now be available to South African consumers at all approved local tyre dealers.

In the 72 years since it was founded in Seoul, Korea in 1941, Hankook has grown its business and brand into a force to be reckoned with. Now a globally recognised name, the company employs in excess of 14 000 employees, has four regional headquarters, more than 20 overseas subsidiaries and five research and development centres around the world.

The racetrack and motorsport are pivotal to the research and development efforts of leading tyre manufacturers like Hankook and provide them with a platform to test tolerances and measure performance under the most demanding driving conditions on the planet. For Hankook, the lessons learned on the track yesterday have become the tyre technology of today, just as the lessons learned today will become the technology of tomorrow.

Says Ashley Cooper, Hankook Managing Executive in South Africa: “This continuous process of refinement and reinvention are what sets Hankook tyres apart and underpins the brand’s reputation for performance, reliability and safety.”

At present, Hankook is the exclusive tyre supplier to the international touring car racing series, DTM, is tyre partner to the Formula 3 Euro Series and is involved in Drifting, Rallying and countless other race formats besides. On the local racing scene Hankook SA has confirmed sponsorship of the Formula Vee series 2013.

Of particular note to consumers is Hankook’s proven track record as an original equipment (OE) tyre supplier to such well known vehicle manufacturers as Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet, Ssangyong, Ford and Volkswagen, among others.

Cooper concludes: “The now-expired exclusive arrangement with a single retailer has not been without its merits. Over the past four years, the brand has been well marketed locally, with the result that consumers are familiar with the Hankook brand and confident in the quality and performance of its tyres. In short, as it is the world over, Hankook is now a proven entity in South Africa.”

Included among the tyres that will now be more widely available to South African consumers are the popular Hankook Dynapro AT, Dynapro MT and Hankook Optimo tyres.