Halloween 2014

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Halloween 2014 Google Doodles

Today Google announced Halloween 2014 in Google New Zealand with an interesting Halloween 2014 Doodle set. Usually Google only have one Google Doodle running for 24 hours, but today’s Halloween Google Doodle is slightly more interesting. If you refresh your Google page there will be a new Google Doodle.

Google Doodle Halloween 2014 – The Witch


One of the Doodles that you will see today is the Halloween Witch. This doodle is a short animation showing a Witch brewing something. A hand pops up from the pot brewing and the when the witch trough ingredients into her potion either ghosts or bats escapes from the pot.

All in all the Witch Google Doodle is a nice way for Google to add some excitement to today’s Halloween Celebrations.

The Ghost Halloween Google Doodle


In the second Google Doodle that will appear today if you refresh your Google search engine is the Ghost Halloween doodle. In this one a man is being chased by a ghost from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen. This Doodle reminds me of Scooby Doo. Once the man is chased out of the right hand screen, the ghost comes back being chased by a dog from the right side of the screen to the left side of the screen.

This Doodle loops until you click to view the Halloween Search results or refresh your screen.

What will Halloween be without Pumpkins and a Scarecrow?


The 3rd Google Doodle showcase a scarecrow in the fields. Like all good scarecrows the scarecrows face is made out of a pumpkin. The Halloween Scarecrow Google Doodle is also an animation, and part of the animation show what looks like ravens in the field and a mouse that pops out of the hat of the scarecrow.

The Halloween Pumpkins Google Doodle


Did you carve out a pumpkin this year? Traditionally Pumpkin carving is one of the most well-known Halloween traditions, and it is good to see that Google have made it an integral part of today’s Halloween Doodles. The 4th Doodle showcase the words Google set in a pumpkin field, with two friendly pumpkins jumping up and down. Their intention might have been to make it look like two scary pumpkins, but in my opinion they look more friendly than scary!

The Werewolf Google Doodle

Another one of today’s Halloween set of Google Doodles showcase a werewolf. The doodle is also an animation showing the life of a werewolf. The doodle loops through day and night. In the day the werewolf turns human and in the night the human turns out werewolf.



The Graveyard Halloween Google Doodle


The Last Google Doodle in the Halloween 2014 series of Google Doodles show a graveyard. In the graveyard there is some green monsters doing some really weird stuff.

Happy Halloween 2014

If you are celebrating Halloween today we hope that you have a safe and “real monster free” and scary but fun Halloween.

Today’s Google Doodles should be great to get you through the day, and help build up Halloween tonight setting the theme for Halloween.

Other companies jumping onto the Halloween bandwagon

Toyota Halloween Campaign


Toyota earlier this week launched their Halloween campaign you can read more about the Halloween campaign at “THE TOYOTA HATCHBACK AND THE HALLOWEEN TERROR” and view some nice Halloween Automotive pictures.

Pluckley in Kent is no place for the faint-hearted after dark on Halloween, but the prospect of exploring Britain’s most-haunted village didn’t deter Toyota’s intrepid ghost-hunters who have been on the trail of wraiths and spirits in a blood red Yaris Sport.

The crew plunged into the misty lanes and by-ways, lights ablaze, in search of some of the tiny village’s many hauntings: the population of around 1,500 living souls is swollen by a legion of more than a dozen restless un-dead.

Vauxhall Halloween Campaign

Did you ever realise that Loughborough hid the jagged tooth of a giant, fearsome pumpkin? Or that London’s Paddington is the start of a 1,420-mile long spider’s web, its strands dissecting the M25? And who’d have thought that Wales housed the mythical ‘H’ in the word Halloween, or that motorists on the A905 in Scotland had been driving over the ears of an evil bat for the last month?


Halloween fantasy? Not a bit of it, says car company, Vauxhall. Its new Corsa, which went on sale this month, has created a 6,080-mile-long image across the length and breadth of Britain’s mainland making the World’s Largest GPS Drawing, completed just in time for Halloween.

Read more about the Vauxhall Halloween Guinness World Record Attempt

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