Halfway Toyota 4×4 Off-Road FJ Cruiser Video – Amid Motorcycle Show 2012


Toyota Halfway at the Amid Motorcycle Show 2012

The Amid Motorcycle Show took place at the Johannesburg Expo Center at Nasrec from the 24th August 2012 to the 26th of August 2012. Halfway Toyota one of the prominent Toyota dealerships in South Africa took part in the show and provided visitors the opportunity to drive in the new FJ Cruiser on their 4×4 track

Halfway Toyota

Here is a short video of one of the FJ Cruisers driving on the 4×4 track.

FJ Cruiser 4×4 Off-Road Driving Video


In the video the FJ Cruiser shows some of its capabilities driving onto a steep platform, driving down the platform stopping and reversing onto the platform again. I have taken the test drive myself and was amazed at how easy the FJ Cruiser performs these stunts. If you are in the FJ Cruiser you hardly feel the obstacles in the course making it a smooth ride all the way.

Halfway Toyota: Toyota Fortunner and FJ Cruiser


For more information about Halfway Toyota you can visit their website at halfwaytoyota.co.za

Amid Motorcycle Show Virtual Tour

We have also created a virtual tour of the

Amid Motorcycle Show

. In the virtual tour you can browse through the whole show in a virtual environment, view the motorcycles, displays and walk around the show. In the next update of the Virtual Tour visitors will be able to click on the motorcycles for more information, names and specifications of the motorcycles.