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In little more than seven years, GWM has grown from strength to strength in South Africa. Recently, the company achieved its 50 000th sale in South Africa, an important milestone in the evolution of the brand in this country as it shows that GWM has taken root and must now be regarded as a serious player.


“We are extremely grateful for the trust that our customers have shown in us,” says GWM South Africa CEO, Tony Pinfold. “In fact, the public has welcomed this brand in a way that must have taken some established players by surprise. We believe our growth has been made possible by GWM quickly establishing a reputation for selling quality, high-value products,” Pinfold explains.

Affordability is key

“GWM was, is and will always be a value for money brand,” Pinfold continues. “Consumers are under immense pressure at the moment, and it’s unfortunately likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future,” he predicts. “But we have some great news for them…”

The improved economies of scale that followed as a direct consequence of the investment by listed company Super Group earlier this year has now enabled GWM South Africa to make the bold – and possibly unprecedented – decision to reduce retail pricing across its entire model line-up. (see table below for old vs revised price comparison)

“This price reduction places our high quality, new vehicles within the financial reach of a much bigger audience. As a brand that has built itself on the foundation of offering great value for money, this is what we believe the consumer expects from us,” Pinfold concludes.

The new pricing is effective August 22, 2014 at all GWM dealerships.







Previous List Price



New list price

H5 2,4 4x2R 259 999R 249 900
H5 2,4 4x4R 289 999R 269 900
H5 2,0VGT 4x2R 294 999R 284 900
H5 2,0VGT 4x4R 329 999R 319 900
H5 2,0VGT 4x2 AutoR 339 999R 319 900
H5 2,0VGT AWD AutoR 369 999R 339 900
C20RR 174 999R 164 900
C30R 179 999R 159 900
C50 1,5 LuxuryR 234 999R 209 900
C50 1,5 EliteR 249 999R 219 900
M4R 189 999R 184 900
H6 1,5TR 309 999R 279 900
H6 2,0 TCIR 369 999R 349 900
Steed 5 SC 2,2 MPIR 164 999R 154 900
Steed 5 SC 2,4 4x2R 194 999R 189 900
Steed 5 SC 2,4 4x4R 229 999R 219 900
Steed 5 SC 2,0VGT 4x2R 239 999R 229 900
Steed 5 SC 2,0VGT 4x4R 274 999R 259 900
Steed 5 DC 2,2 MPIR 194 999R 179 900
Steed 5 DC 2,4 4x2R 224 999R 214 900
Steed 5 DC 2,4 4x4R 259 999R 239 900
Steed 5 DC 2,0VGT 4x2R 279 999R 259 900
Steed 5 DC 2,0VGT 4x4R 309 999R 289 900


All vehicles (excluding single-cab pick-ups) are covered by a 5-year/100 000 km warranty. Five-year/60 000 km service plans are optionally available across the board.

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