GSX-R1000 Suzuki Motorcycle expected in South Africa by end 2016

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  • 6th generation of Suzuki GSX-R1000 – breaks cover in Italy

The competitive motorcycle market in South Africa is eagerly awaiting the 2016 arrival of the latest Suzuki GSX-R1000, sixth generation of the legendary R line that was first launched no less than three decades ago.

The latest version of the legendary sportsbike was unveiled to the public at the Eicma Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy, on Thursday (19 November 2015) ‒ 15 years after the arrival of the first GSX-R1000 that changed the open sportsbike class forever.

The 2016 racer is not only the lightest, most compact and cleanest-running GSX-R ever built, but thanks to its unique VVT-I technology ‒ the first in the world to be used in a superbike ‒ it is also the most powerful and hardest-accelerating in the proud 30-year history of the GSX-R.


Track proven, tried and tested traits such as durability, reliability and consistence are still part and parcel of the package, yet significantly improved.

New from the ground up, most of the major parts and components of the redesigned GSX-R1000 have been refined, reworked and improved to keep it ahead of the pack and regain Suzuki’s King of Sportbikes crown.


The heart of the new R1000 with its new variable valve timing makes it the most powerful GSX-R engine ever built, with increased top speed, optimised dimensions to improve cornering and handling, and increased performance and rideability with the help of MotoGP derived racing technology.


The new chassis is the most compact GSX-R1000 chassis ever produced, making it the lightest and most aerodynamic in history.

From a distance and right close up the new Suzuki GSX-R1000 has retained its unique R styling identity, making it easily recognisable – even from behind, which is the view most others will have ‒ on the road and on the track.

With LED everything as far as lights and lighting go, the new GSX-R1000 features Suzuki’s first LED headlight boasting high-illumination LEDs in a compact and lightweight design. The tail/stop lights have a vertical lay-out, keeping the tail section slim and neat.


“We are extremely excited that the new GSX-R1000 will arrive on our shores before the end of next year,” says Stuart Baker, National Sales Manager for Suzuki Motorcycles.

“Suzuki Motorcycles had an excellent 2015 to date with monthly sales around the 200 unit mark, which increased our market share to over 10% from 5.8% in January,” says Baker.

“After introducing our small bike range earlier in the year, we are happy to move our focus slightly to the bigger toys,” he says. “The Suzuki Motor Corporation has now started with the bigger model upgrades, which will help us maintain the growth.”

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