GREAT AFRICAN RIFT VALLEY EXPEDITION We make it to the ‘Ocean of Salt’


The sun dips over the Hamer mountains as the 3 Rift Valley Expedition Landies race across the crust of Chew Bahir, theOceanofSaltnamedLakeStefanieby the early explorer Count Teleki. Up till nowLakeStefaniehas been just a name on a map that we’d dreamt about reaching for years.

Land Rover Expedition

We camp out under the stars on the vast salt crust and celebrate by siphoning some of the ‘Captain’s Best’ from where it lives in the jerry can on the roofrack of the big Land Rover 130 Defender. William Gwebu the expedition cook knocks up a meal of goat stew and maize meal spiced with the last of the Nando’s sauce.

Tomorrow we head for thevillageofTurmiwhere Adi says he knows of a diesel smuggler who might supply us at a price. We will do Rite to Sight, LifeStraws and United Against Malaria work at small Hamer villages along the way – made possible by your support.

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