GREAT AFRICAN RIFT VALLEY EXPEDITION: Land Rover Dispatch 86 – Sadness and Joy


Land Rover expeditionThe skulls of the dead are displayed and bunches of blood-stained clothes still hang from the rafters of the small church at Ntarama, where Tutsis hiding in the church had been brutally massacred in the genocide, and in the Sunday school building next door, one can still see the blood stains where the children’s heads had been beaten against the wall.

But our Land Rover supported Rift Valley expedition is not just here to observe the past and soon we’re having a frenetic United Against Malaria soccer challenge between the little Ntarama and Nelson Mandela soccer clubs. With us we’ve brought soccer balls, whistles and trophies and today there’s a man-of-the-match prize. A bit of joy after so much sadness. Tomorrow we make our way down to Kivu, an iconic Lake in theGreat Rift Valley. Will keep you posted.