Land-Rover ExpeditionIt’s something that we take for granted but can you imagine what it is like not to be able to nip into your nearest pharmacy to pick up a pair of readers! For tens of thousands of mostly rural poor sighted, generally elderly Africans, it’s simply not an option and they go through each day fumbling around not being able to thread a needle, do handcraft, weave a mat or basket, or if they are literate, having to have the letter blur, whilst holding the book at full arms length.

The expedition’s Rite to Sight campaign started more than a decade ago by Mashozi (Gill Holgate) is supported by Rotary and all the expedition sponsors with direct financial assistance from Nikon and a regular supply of extra reading glasses from supported Louis Louw of Specs4U. The instant gratitude from the Rite to Sight recipients and the immediate difference it makes in their lives is truly heart-warming; as can be seen by the hundreds of goodwill messages that are written in the pages of the Great African Rift Valley Scroll.

The Rite to Sight work, together with the United Against Malaria / PermaNet distribution, malaria prevention educational booklets and LifeStraws campaigns add a rewarding element to this world first Land Rover supported odyssey that, with just a few days to go, is still hell bent on completing Africa’s Great Rift Valley – will keep you posted.