Land Rover Dispatch 57 – Back onto the Rift

Land Rover Expedition

Loaded up with more life saving mosquito nets and LifeStraws from Vestergaard-Frandsen we bid kwaheri to the Fernandes family, our delightful hosts inNairobi. Everywhere inAfricathe support form our fellow countrymen is heart warming. It makes us proud to be South African.

One Landy behind the other we drop down over the Ngong Hills back into the Great African Rift. The track takes us through choking red dust and Masaai manyattas. Our challenge is to climb to the crater rim onMountLongonot. Will keep you posted.

Land Rover Leopard

Land Rover Dispatch 58 – To the Rim of the Crater

“Baby steps will get you to the lim of the clater” says Gabriel our cheerful guide who transposes his ‘l’s and ‘r’s.

The slog of climbing to the crater rim ofMountLongonotis well worth it. Stretching between the walls of the east and west escarpments is an endless view over this part ofKenya’sGreat Rift Valley. Below us giraffe and zebra make their way across the plains that run down toLakeNaivasha.

We gaze south towards Lakes Magadi, Natron and Manyara. The Rift Valley seems endless, so many challenges ahead.