Google+ Today became the most Important Social Media Network in the World

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Google New Way To SearchGoogle has been placed in the spot light many times for their perceived failure to launch a successful social media platform in the past.

Here at 3D Car Shows we believe that the Google+ Social Media platform is possibly the most powerful Social Media Network that we will ever see. All previous efforts that Google have placed into developing a Social Network is paying off!

It is our believe that anyone who is going to want to compete with Google on a Social Media platform will soon have it very difficult to hold their ground, or gain new ground.

Google+ Personal Search Video

When Google were founded in 1995 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin not many people thought that these two Stanford University Students will create the most powerful Search Engine ever. Google has become the most influential and powerful company on the Internet in only a few short years. Today it has become more evident to me than ever before that Google is moving in the right direction.

Custom Search Engine deeply integrated with Social Media and Google+.

I must admit that Google have amazed me today with the launch of their “Google+ Integrated Custom Search Results”. Many people have been talking about “Word of Mouth” advertising as the best advertising medium known to man. These Social Media Guru’s and SEO Experts have been talking about how people will start buying products based on what their online friends are buying.

For me this never made sense until I saw the Google+ and Custom Search Results today, branded as “Search plus Your World”. Now for the first time I can understand the vision behind the concept that people will start buying products their friends like and are connected with!

Google Custom Search Engine Results

Earlier today 11th January 2012 when I first saw the

“Search plus Your World”

link just below the Google Doodle I thought ok this will be great, let me see what Google is up to now!

I followed the link to the “Search plus your world” watched the video, got some feeling for the product and thought ok cool, let me check it out. I immediately visited Google.com and searched for

“3D Car Show”

to check out the results. Nothing Changed and I though ok, hmm interesting maybe it is not really a major change in Google and something that I will re-look in a week or two.

Search Plus your World

“Screenshot of the Google+ Search plus your world” 

Google+ Succeed to create Future of Social Media Today.

I sort of forgot about the “Search plus your world” thing but were soon again reminded about its existence when I opened my Google Search again and saw the “Search plus your world” deeply integrated into my Search Results. People this is going to be phenomenal. Today we are once again privileged to see something that is going to change the world, TAKE NOTE!

Google+ Custom Search Tutorial

You can add Car Shows to your Circles by using the box below: If you have a Google+ Profile please add us to your Circles.

[google profile]

If you have added us to your Google+ Circles you can follow the tutorial and article to see for yourself how the Google+ “Search Plus Your World” feature works.

Go to the


home page and Search for “3D Car Shows” or click on the link

“3D Car Shows”

which should take you to the Search Results for 3D Car Shows.

The Google Search Results should look similar to the results below:

Things you should notice in the NEW GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS:

At the top of the Search Results you will see people in your Google+ Circles who have +1 any of the Search Results for the Topic which you have searched. If you have +1 and Circled the 3D Car Shows pages you should see “3D Car Shows” at the top of your search results as part of your Personal Results based on sites that your friends. (Circle Members) have +1.

Google Custom Plus Search

“Screenshot of what the NEW Google Search Results with Google+ Look Like”

Google+ Friends Search Results Only

By clicking on the Personal Results as in the image above you will get the Search Results of things that your friends Circle members have +1. This will filter out all the Natural Search Results and filter the Search Results for you based on things that your friends have though worthy of +1.

google search results friends only

“Screenshot of the Google+ Social Network Only Search Results”

This makes it easy for you to see the things that your Friends think are important. Instantly you can contact any of your friends via your Google+ Profile pages and find out from them what they think about a product, website or service.

In effect what Google is doing here is providing us with a direct means of seeing who from our Google+ pages are involved with the “Brand or Product” and you can directly communicate with these people if they are already part of your Circle members!

Google Search Results from friends

In the Organic Google Search Results you will now see a new blue icon – “The custom friends results icon” This icon will show you which of the current page search results have been influenced by someone in your “Google+” Network.

Search Results from Friends

“Screenshot of Google+ Personalized Search Results with friend icon”

For me when reviewing the new “Search Plus Your World” and “Google+ Personalized Search Results” this small change have a significant impact on the way than I have searched and are now going to search with this new Google Feature.

The more search results I have tested the more I became interested in the things that my Google+ Friends have liked. The psychology behind this is amazing. I almost 99% of the time ignored the Natural Search Results and immediately started clicking on the Search Results which have been customized and personalized based on my friends preferences.

Try it for yourself it is simply amazing, what Google have done with the Launch of the new Google+ Personalized Search and integrating their Google+ Social Network deeply into their Search Results.

This is a Game Changer, from today Search will never be the same again!

Google Personal Search Video

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