Google SOPA: Why you should oppose SOPA Today


    Read why is opposed to SOPA!

    Today I would like to provide you with an example of why you should oppose SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act). I am going to use my YouTube Adsense account as an example. Over the Christmas period Google treated millions of visitors using their search engine with Google Search Surprises. If you searched for “let it snow” there were snow falling over the Google Search Results and it freeze-up the screen. If you haven’t seen the “let it snow” Google Feature you can search for “let it snow” on Google and you will see what I am talking about.

    I have a YouTube account and thought it would be a GREAT IDEA to make a short video showing the latest Google surprise, should it stop working people can go back and still view it! We earn money our YouTube account and every time someone watches one of the videos on YouTube there is advertising displayed with these videos. One of the conditions of making money from these videos is that you should have all rights to the content and visuals appearing in the video. If all visuals and music is yours you can then make money from these videos.

    YouTube warns you that if you submit videos that you do not own and claim rights to these videos and it is later found that these videos contain copyright material they can suspend you from earning any future money from your videos. If you are making $1000 – $10000.00 a month with your YouTube videos the last thing that you want is for your Videos to be suspended from making money online.

    To come back to SOPA and why you should oppose SOPA, in the video I created I used the song “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” from Frank Sinatra. I searched the internet for a Royalty Free version of the song and actually purchased a “Royalty Free Song” downloaded it, and used it as the background music for my video. Everything worked fine and as expected I quickly made a couple of bucks from the YouTube video, then I received a notice that a company has claimed Copyright to the video and monetization has been stopped. The company as it turns out is one of the BIG SOPA supporters.

    Now my point is that I did not know that the song have indeed had copyright restrictions on it. The site from which I have purchased it, and downloaded it, claimed that it is a royalty version of the song. It in fact permitted me to use it as background music for the video. Now as far as I understand the proposed SOPA legislation the Company could just as well have send a complaint to “SOPA” or the organization that is going to administer the “Stop Online Piracy Act” and have had my site banned from USA traffic. The companies who have reported my YouTube video are a major supporter of “SOPA” and they have deep pockets.

    SOPA would have killed my online business

    The way I understand how “SOPA” will work is the company which holds copyright complains about my site and my site is blocked from the USA. As soon as my site get’s blocked I immediately start losing money. To get my site re-instated I have to go to the USA or get a USA attorney to defend my site’s case.

    This will be extremely costly as is not based in the USA. The process to hear our case in front of a judge could take anything from 6 months to 3 years. Immediately the sites income goes to zero. The site is down for 6 months to 3 years. At the time when we appear in front of the SOPA commission Google would have delisted my site, and the years of SEO work on the site gets void, we would have also lost all contact with our readers and subscribers.

    Innocent sites could get banned by SOPA

    If there have been no warning and no time to comply to the Copyright holders accusations and to defend our case and comply by removing the content we could in effect have our business closed in seconds by competitors. The SOPA legislation might seem like a good idea and it may sound like a way to get rid of the “Bad on the internet” however it could be used for harm as well. Here at 3D-Car-Shows we are not a fan of piracy or Copyright Infringement and in principal we agree that Law enforcement agencies and Governments should have more power to uphold righteousness on the internet. But when this “Big Pocketed SOAP supporter got my YouTube Adsense revenue account stopped” without consulting with me first or without warning it made me VERY SCARED of the SOPA bill and the complications that it may have on innocent parties. It also made me aware of exactly how these Big Pocketed SOPA supporters can abuse their power without knowing the consequences of their actions!

    STOP SOPA Today

    We all have a voice and you can say no to SOPA. Today Google have launched a site where you can learn more about SOPA and also where you can raise your concerns about SOPA. Check out the Tell Congress: Please don’t censor the web! Google: SOPA campaign. Add your voice!