Google SOPA Blackout: Is an international issue not just a USA issue


    Google have blackout their Google Logo today to show their protest against SOPA. I must say that I am disappointed at the move by Google. Not because they have blackout their logo and not because they have chosen to make people aware of the SOPA legislation the USA government plans to implement. My problem is that this is a Global Issue! Not just a United States issue.

    Google Stop SOPA

    I see that Google have added the text below their Google Logo “Tell Congress: Please don’t censor the web!” to their International pages now! Which is a good thing. It personally scare me to think that the USA government can have legislation that would block my site, or remove my site and force me to defend the legitamicy of my site in the USA.

    It is very costly to “Sue Someone” and suing someone in a different country can be even more costly if you live outside the USA. In my opinion the United Kingdom, Australian, Canadian, South African Government and other world country governments should also join the SOPA protest and send their concerns to the United States Governments!

    In our opinion the proposed “SOPA” legislation is not going to be used only to fight online piracy but maybe abused by people in power or “with power” to put sites out of business!

    If you haven’t added your voice to the petition yet, please do so via the Google Search Engine or by following the Please don’t censor the web! link. If you do not live in the United States you may want to send your Government also a email regarding the SOPA legislation. This is an International Issue and not just a United States of America issue and we encourage all our site visitors to add their voices!

    International Issue Sopa

    Info Graphic from Google showing support added to people against SOPA!